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Wherever You Need Us

BrassHornet offers both on-site training and third-party site training (where we deliver the course at a hotel, conference center, or other suitable facility near your location).

On-Site Training

A BrassHornet instructor will travel to any U.S. or Canadian city to deliver quality training to you. We specialize in and encourage on-site training.


There are a variety of benefits to on-site training.

A Familiar Environment

On-site training can provide a better learning experience for the participants. They don't have to alter their daily schedules or commutes, and their familiarity with the environment adds to their comfort. It is important, however, that their work-site distractions are minimized and that they are able to devote their full attention to the course.


Because you provide all the course participants, we can customize the course content to your specific needs. We can start at where your participants are and plot a course to the point where you want them to end up. Furthermore examples and exercises can be (re-)designed to make them more applicable to your requirements.


We will supply your support staff with a set of site requirements, both technical (e.g., machine configuration) and instructional (e.g., need for an overhead projector), to make sure the participants get the most from the course.

Lowered Costs (Typically)

The cost structure is different for on-site courses. The net effect can be either a decrease or increase in your costs depending on the specific circumstances.

Effects that can reduce your costs include: reduction in per-participant prices and no per-participant travel expenses.

Effects that can add to your costs include: travel expenses for the instructor(s) and a base daily rate.

Third-Party Site Training

Third-party site is ideal for those who would rather not have their employees travel, and yet do not have a site suitable for training.

Nearby hotels, conference centers, and other training facilities available for rent might offer suitable environments. Either you can do the footwork and make all the arrangements or we would be happy to. We will provide you or the facility with a detailed set of site requirements.


In addition to all the benefits of on-site training listed above, there are a few additional advantages:

  • not being at their work site, distractions to the participants are minimized
  • no need to tie up your facilities or equipment